We believe everyone should have security, privacy, and control over their own data. All our service offerings are provided with security in mind every step of the way.


Movement Allies

Those who value social change face unique challenges. We recognize this because we are activists as well as IT professionals. Social justice organizations trust us because we are committed to the same values.

Versatile Team

Our expertise is broad, and we are flexible enough to accommodate a wide spectrum of needs. We support the technology you currently use, and devise new approaches to expand your capabilities.

Our Services

Security Consulting

When it comes to security, there is no one-size fits all. Each organization has unique concerns and needs, which we help you identify. We take stock of your existing infrastructure and practices and consider potential threats and weaknesses. The result is a combination of hands-on training and technical solutions tailored specifically to your organization.

Managed Infrastructure

Want to control your own infrastructure, but need trustworthy help to handle the technical details? Our engineers will move your website, email, database, or any other application into a secure environment and provide the support needed to keep it running smoothly. When your needs grow or change, we will work with you to deploy new tools.

Virtual Server Hosting

Host your web site, application or database on our VPS platform. We can help you get up and running and keep your system up-to-date. Managed, co-managed, and unmanaged options are available.

Secure Private Cloud

Nervous about trusting your organization’s data to Google, Apple, or Dropbox, but love the convenience? Our cloud services are the best of both worlds, allowing you to easily share and collaborate without sacrificing security. Your files are stored encrypted on our servers, so no one who is unauthorized can access them, even us!

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Why does security matter for your organization?

What makes Bramble more secure than cloud providers?

About us

We are a worker-owned cooperative in Atlanta, GA providing hosting and internet services for social justice-oriented organizations.

Bramble was founded in 2017 in Atlanta. In an era of rising surveillance, targeting, and harassment of social movements, we saw the need for IT services which keep data safe from hackers, trolls, and abuse of power by authorities. Our experience as activists inspired us to “be the change we want to see in the world”, by organizing as IT professionals. We aim to ensure that the Internet can be used to advance important causes and support vulnerable communities while minimizing risk.  For more information, read our analysis of security issues threatening NGOs.

We are a co-operative because we believe businesses should put the well-being of their workers first.  All of our members are co-owners, and have an equal voice in ensuring fair pay, decent working conditions, and responsible business practices.  We are also dedicated to spreading skills and experience by training new members, especially those from backgrounds which are marginalized in the tech world.

Our team

Our Values

  • Social Activism
  • Workplace Democracy
  • Privacy & Internet Freedom
  • Software Libre
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